Dublin Digital Radio

STREAM: Dublin Digital Radio’s Quarter Block Party Special, including yours truly on presentation duties.

From their website:

Dublin Digital Radio is an online digital radio station dedicated to providing a quality platform for the various communities striving to create a socially and culturally progressive city in a landscape netted with political stasis and bureaucratic tepidity.

We here at Dublin Digital Radio, believe it is time to break the mould with the medium of radio. Too long has the music scene in Ireland rip roared along without a radio platform to support it, to provide the link between what’s happening on the ground to the listener, the music lover that has been left behind by the cultural dearth on Irish national airwaves. Too long have social and political issues been silenced on the airwaves due to the puppet show of balance and too long off air are the days of the pirate radio when a degree of autonomy existed on the airwaves. We are here to change that.

DDR is a home in Ireland for all those with a passion for music, from the labels that are allowing the environment of independent Irish music to breathe to local DJ’s and music lovers, to those pushing the sound barriers on the classical end of things, to the best of international acts joining us to share their collection of records.

DDR is a space for conversations and debates, for stories and criticisms, a space to challenge all attempts to depoliticise culture. We want our listeners to fall in love again with radio and in the process creating a stronger environment for musicians, and listeners alike.