Inside the Ropes (2017)

Inside the Ropes is a touring, spoken-word show based in the U.K. and Ireland, specialising in intimate shows with the heroes of American pro-wrestling.

From the company’s website:

Inside The Ropes started out as a wrestling podcast in January 2012 with Kenny McIntosh and Robert Duffin as the hosts. The show grew throughout the year with over 250,000 downloads and guests like Steve Austin, Bruno Sammartino and Vince Russo.

In 2013, the guys launched their live event brand ‘Inside The Ropes Live’ in Glasgow, Scotland putting on critically acclaimed nights with Independent cult star Colt Cabana and former WCW Champion, DDP.

2014 saw the podcast rise with over 1 million downloads and a further live show with Jim Cornette. In October 2015, the ITR lads brought WCW Icon STING to the UK for a massive tour of London, Manchester and Glasgow.

The below galleries are some of my work with meet-and-greet events held by the company in Cork’s Cyprus Avenue in 2016, with World Wrestling Entertainment superstars “Broken” Matt Hardy and Bad News Barrett. Bruisers and bullies inbetween the turnbuckles, perfect gentlemen outside them.


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