Music Videos (2015)

Hope is Noise – From There With Love (production, assistance)

This is a concept music video that we made for Cork band “Hope Is Noise”. The film was shot, planned and edited in house at Gobstar and we are particularly proud of its nomination and participation at the Cork Film Festival in 2015.

Written/Produced by: Hope is Noise
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered: Lawrence White @ Woods Street Studio, Cork City
Video Directed/Produced/Edited by: Gobstar Film

Various Artists – Rebelstream Sessions (production, curation, proposal)

A series of live music videos created and curated by Gobstar Film, with assistance from Cork City Council Arts Office. Recorded live in various locations throughout Cork City. Featured artists: Terriers, The Racklers, Clearfell, Deadlights, Crojayn.