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“i did the best i could with the resources i was given, which was nothing” – wolf pupy


My name is Mike McGrath-Bryan, I live in Cork, and I’m a music and culture professional. I currently write about the aforementioned on a freelance basis, organise community/industry events in Cork, dabble in new media, and play bass in a sound-art ensemble.

I have loved music my whole life, from the age of six, in fact, when the video for Therapy?’s Nowhere blew my mind at the end of The Den one day (a musical crush that has yet to abate). I made my mind up when I was a teenager that I would somehow do cool things in music and media, such was my wholesale consumption and budding anthropological interest in both. Irish independent music in particular became a consuming passion upon discovering Out on a Limb Records and working from there on research, and attending local live shows ever since.

After a handful of attempts at starting a hardcore band in the Husker Du mould (no pun intended), I got into music journalism while deciding what else I was going to do with my life, and the rest has fallen as it has: a decade this year of event production and promotion; a growing understanding of new and legacy media via a diverse range of experience; proficiency in content management systems such as WordPress; a decent line in online broadcasting and on-demand audio content; dabbling in film and animation production; and even some tentative steps back into creative outlets of my own.

I’m available for hire in any of the fields outlined throughout this website, and always eager to learn new skills and abilities by immersing myself in interesting, challenging long-term projects.

DOWNLOAD (pdf): Mike McGrath-Bryan Media CV 2018



Evening Echo (Cork); Nialler9.com (Dublin); Village (Dublin); Headstuff (Dublin); Totally Cork (Cork)

Hot Press (Dublin); Broadsheet.ie (Dublin/Reykjavik); The Irish Post (London); Alternative Ulster (Belfast); The Thin Air (Belfast); RTÉ TwoTube (Dublin); Insert Title (Cork); We Are Noise (Cork); Drop-d.ie (Cork/Dublin/Poznan)

Live Events:

#CorkLovesMusic (promoter/curator, in collaboration with First Music Contact).

TEDx CorkSalon (curatorial assistant); Luchador Music (promoter/production manager/DJ); Midweek Mixer (co-promoter/production manager); Drop-d Presents (promoter/production manager); Acheron Promotions (stage runner/production assistant); HXP (promoter/production manager)

Radio/Audio On-Demand:

RedFM (Cork, producer/presenter for Red on Red podcast)

Room101 (Cork); Dublin Digital Radio (Dublin); UCC 98.3FM/Cork Campus Radio (Cork)

Audiovisual Production:

Gobstar Film (Cork)


Correspondent (Cork)

MERSK/Mersk Collective (Cork); CIT/CSM Studio Technology Module: Scoring (Cork)

Please send an email, via this site’s contact page.