EMAIL: Please send an email to mikemcgrathbryan (at) gmail (dot) com, or use the below contact form if you’re contacting for the first time to say hello. On me phone 9-5, Monday-Friday, unless it’s urgent/reeeeeally good.

SOCIAL MEDIA: As per icons in the sidebar of this website. Sliding into my DMs is welcome, for professional purposes only, of course. Trying to keep off socials in a personal capacity nowadays, so only approach here if I’ve not got back to you via email (somehow).


NIALLER9: To send new (independent, Irish) music to Niall Byrne, email Please bear in mind his own tips and guidelines for submission, as written for First Music Contact. Send tips for the Cork gig guide in my direction below. (No, I can’t put a word in for your band, it’s his website.)

EVENING ECHO: To contact Downtown, the entertainment section of the Evening Echo, published every Thursday in the paper’s print edition, please email John Dolan, the paper’s Features Editor. Obviously, Cork bands/DJs/promoters/etc. only, please.